Levels of testing 

Unit testing, module testing, system testing, integration testing…. Quite a lot, right?  Today we would like to touch on the topic of testing – what kind of levels we may have, how to appropriately map them to the user scenarios, what kind can be more useful in one scenario, and what in the other scenario […]

Developer Portal – what and why? 

In previous stories, we mentioned the term DX, which means Developer Experience. In brief – it is an interaction with the environment in which developers, testers, and others work. More information can be found in our blog:   One of the solutions that improve DX is the Developer Portal. It is a place where people can […]

Types of reviewers

In this story, we would like to talk about one of the steps in software development, which is called review.   In brief, review is the process when someone checks others’ outputs. It can be done in many ways, even while working in pairs, but it mainly depends on what tools the company is using.   Intentionally […]

How processes in organizations may influence productivity?

Processes Agile, waterfall, Kanban, documentation, specification, analysis, user stories, use cases, test cases, test coverage, and hundreds of others… What do they have in common? They all can be a part of software development… or not.  This time let’s talk about how processes in organizations may influence productivity. As usual, it all depends. Story Company […]

Documentation and specification

In software development, you probably heard about the terms documentation and specification. As usual, they might have different meanings based on what project you work on, what company, or even what team. For this and the next stories, we would like to put a clear line between these two.  Documentation  How many times have you […]

Good productivity needs good developer experience

Did you hear about DX? Recently it has become one of the hot topics in software development. Let’s think about what today’s software development looks like and what tools are used. We have plenty of them – code review tools (GitHub, Gitlab, Gerrit, etc.), project tracking (JIRA, ClickUp, Asana, etc.), cross-team collaboration (Confluence, SharePoint), documentation […]

Why unit tests play Chinese whispers? 

Nature of unit tests Every person who heard about software development also heard about unit testing. As usual, there are a lot of definitions of what exactly unit testing is, so let us choose one for the purpose of this article. According to Wikipedia – unit testing is a software testing method by which individual […]