High quality software – we introduce RSC Labs


High quality software – we introduce RSC Labs

RSC Labs

Today we would like to announce that we recently started a new department in our company called RSC Labs. We do not forget about processes and organizations, but at the same time, we understand that high-quality software can be a key to success. 

Currently, RSC Labs focuses on supporting open-source communities by providing extensions and plugins to the most popular projects on GitHub. The department will also offer support regarding consultation, proof of concepts, or bug analysis and fixes. 

You can find our profile on Github.

We are proud that today we can provide a couple of plugins to the newest star of e-commerce – MedusaJS.


Medusa Store Analytics

This plugin focuses on providing analytics data about the store. Knowledge about the store is crucial to take proper action to increase the sales. Analytics data can show various things like what is the most popular region, sales channel, or on which day people are buying the most. Every such data may help to find problems and possible solutions.



Under the above plugin you can find over 18 such statistics: 

  • Orders chart 
  • Sales chart per currency 
  • Regions popularity 
  • Sales channel popularity 
  • Orders frequency distribution 
  • Payment provider popularity 
  • New customers by the time 
  • Repeat customer rate 
  • And many more… 


Every statistic can be filtered by order status, a predefined date range or you can even compare results to each other. 

The plugin is also provided as a Pro version, which heavily extends the basic MIT version by providing a customizable dashboard, date range picker, and much more advanced statistics. 

Plugin can be found on Github.


Medusa Documents 

This plugin provides the capability to generate invoices and packing slips directly from Medusa. This is one of the basic functionalities that is needed in e-commerce as every purchase requires the creation of at least one invoice for customers. 

The plugin itself provides the following functionalities: 

  • List of orders with generated documents 
  • Basic templates for Invoices and Packing Slips 
  • Automatically fills documents using order information 
  • Automatically fills document using defined store address 
  • Translations for documents 

Medusa Documents is also provided in the Pro version, which extends basic functionalities to: 

  • automatically send invoices to customers 
  • new premium templates 
  • additional options for configurations, e.g. setting different addresses for various document type 
  • Professional support 
  • Custom template on request 
  • and a lot more. 

Plugin can be found on Github.


Medusa Affiliate Discount 

This plugin provides the capability to create a discount which is part of the affiliation program. 

Affiliate marketing contains different activities. One of them is an affiliation program, a process that allows other entities (companies, people) to promote products in exchange for commission on each sale. “Affiliate Discount” provides a possibility to establish such cooperation and monitor usage count and earnings. 

Thanks to this plugin you can easily define a discount and assign it to the customer with proper commission. Then, track your sales and usage of discounts. 

Plugin can be found on Github.


Products Bought Together 

This simple plugin monitors and provides API for getting products that are frequently bought together. 



When a customer wants to buy product A, he can get information about other products that are frequently bought together with product A. 

It is a common scenario for e-commerce, which leads to increasing sales by recommending such products to customers. 

Use this API to show people on the product page, what is frequently purchased together with the product and encourage them to buy more. 

Plugin can be found on Github.



Uff… that’s it for now. You may notice that we try to provide various functionalities for the Medusa ecosystem. 

If you have any questions, need support, or are interested in the Pro version of any of the above plugins – do not hesitate to contact