Take your software development to a next level

RSC opens possibilities to make software development more productive, effective and robust. No matter if you develop small products or enterprise solutions – there is always a place to improve.


It is not only about technology - processes, how you develop your software can be a crucial area for improvement

Did you ever measure how long it takes to push one small change to the production environment?

How many people are engaged in such a process? How fast you can react if the pipeline fails?

These and others can be very small pieces, which together in a result give enormous waste of time and money. We can help you to reduce it, by deeply analyzing how you develop your software and how you can improve it.


There are still many places, where manual work is being done

It could be related to environments, testing, pipelines, reviews, hours logging, and so on.

Some of them take a couple of minutes but may also take hours.

We’ll help you to find areas, that can be automated and recommend to you what to improve at first to get the biggest return on investment.


Do you need to make huge decisions about technology?

Maybe you need to decide on tooling or software architecture or you made it already but have doubts about how to implement it.

Let us know – we’ll prepare a full analysis of choices, recommend the best solution, and prepare an execution plan.


We can help you find out, what is the best solution for your software in the cloud area

Analysis of the cost of migration, exploring functionalities, that are needed for your software, and finally choosing the best cloud provider based on many parameters – leave it to us.

Do you worry if migration is needed? Let us check it – on-premises or hybrid architectures can be also options.


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