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RSC supports companies in creating a software in fast, robust, and easy way. Our expertise focuses on powering all things around software development.

Our mission

We want to help companies, which develop software in their daily job

No matter if it is a long-living product or a seasonal application – our mission is to help find a way to do it efficiently.

In RSC we believe that other areas, like processes, and tools that increase cognitive load need also attention. Even small changes in one area might have a huge impact on productivity. We are here to find them in the first place to give companies the best return on investment, but we know also that some areas require more analysis. That’s why we also conduct interviews with developers, testers, managers, and others to get the know the problems and find solutions.

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See the difference

New technologies, new tools, experts on board - it all matters

However, we believe that the environment around software development is equally important. Creating a product is so a complicated process, that making it in a fast, robust way requires a new approach to software development. We need to start thinking holistically, about how applications are being created. Often companies forget, that success is not only about high-quality code, test coverage, or perfect software architecture. It is also about developing software smoothly, where developers are happy when coding, and everyone knows where to find quickly useful information or not overwhelming processes.

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Open source

RSC supports not only companies but also developers

Recently we established a new department called RSC Labs, which will focus on contributions to open source.

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